Buy Disc Golf Discs – What Are My Choices

When you are ready to buy your disc golf disc, there are four options, you can but a driver, fairway driver, mid range or putter. Within those four options there are multiple or different plastics to choose from. You can choose the soft plastic or hard or anything in between. Different brands will also have somewhat different hardness and feel to it.

Buy Disc Golf Discs for BeginnersBuzzz

So you are interested in buying some Frisbee discs, you did some research, watched some videos, you are ready to get out there and give it a try, but you are still not sure exactly what to buy. I my opinion if you are new to the sport and you are looking to throw some straight distance, I recommend getting the BUZZZ, It is a fairly inexpensive disc, it flies very nice and straight with plenty of distance. It is semi hard plastic and it fits very well in your grip. You can also use it as a putter from further distance.

Buy Disc Golf Discs – Putter

Second best buy you would want to get in to your collection in your brand new disc bag would be of course a putter. When it comes to putters, people have so many opinions on what is the best disc when it comes to plastic, hard or soft, or very soft. I can tell you one thing, get two. Get one that is harder but you also want to make sure you have a soft plastic as well. The reason I say that because when you are fairly close to the basket and you are using hard plastic, for some reason you miss the chains and hit the rim of the basket, next thing you know, your disc is rolling and rolling away, and God forbid you are on a hill, now your disc is rolling away twenty, thirty feet and you are screwed. For my soft putter I like to use Discraft Xsoft Challenger and for my harder plastic I use Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Burst Judge.


Buy Disc Golf Discs – Driver

If you are ready to put a driver in your collection, you have a world of choices to pick from. For me, when I started using drivers, my go to disc was Innova Firebird. Also depends on the path to the basket, another disc that is very solid and straight flier, the name of it is Discraft Elite Z Glide. Now, the driver that I go to, my favorite of all times, I love the way it releases from my hand and the speed is just amazing, and that disc is none other than Innova GStar Vulcan Distance Driver.


2 thoughts to “Buy Disc Golf Discs – What Are My Choices”

  1. This is not a familar topic for me. But i enjoyed reading and understood that you buy gold disk based on you level of golfing. Nice read, love the use of links, vivid discription and availability at your finger tips. Good luck

    1. Yes, definitely disc golf is based on your skill level when it comes to your disc choice. The more advanced you are, the further the disc will fly. Therefore it requires to have different discs then you would use when you are learning. When you are a newbie, forget about the drivers and your game will be much more effective.

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