Frisbee Golf Discs – Different Type, Style, Flight Pattern and Weight

Frisbee Golf Discs

I am going to be talking about all the different discs to choose from. Every person has a different feel and strength so it will be up to you ultimately to decide for yourself what is right for you. All I can do is, guide you in the right direction, at the end of the day the choice is in your hands.

Frisbee Golf Discs Types

In Frisbee Golf, there are four main types of discs, you have distance driver, fairway driver, mid range and putter. So when you compare to regular golf it would be like the driver, 3 wood, iron and wedges, and of course putter.

Most people when they start, they would start with 2 of those, either fairway driver and putter or mid range and putter. Some people start with just putters before they get the hang of it because of the flight pattern.

Frisbee Golf Discs Style

When it comes to Frisbee golf style, it is referred to throwing style more than the disc itself. There are 3 main styles to use. The most popular is backhand followed by forehand (also known as sidearm), and the least popular is overhand.

Depends on which style you throw will result in different outcome. Typically, backhand throw will end with the disc going to the left, sidearm will end up to the right, depending on the flight pattern of the disc

Frisbee Golf Discs Flight Pattern

Each Frisbee Golf Disc has its own flight pattern, also known as the flight rating. Flight ratings are made of four categories, speed, glide, turn, and fade. The different combinations of those four categories is what makes a disc unique. You can find charts for each brands discs flight path on their sites to get an idea of the pattern which the Frisbee will fly.

The flight pattern can be manipulated by the way the disc is released and how much power is used to throw it, but it gives you a general idea of where the disc is going to end up. When throwing with sidearm than the flight path will be reversed from what is on the charts.

Frisbee Golf Discs Weight

For the weight of Frisbee golf discs, they can vary anywhere from 120 grams to 180 grams. Most common weight for majority of the discs is between 165 to 175 grams. For someone that is just getting started in the sport, it is important to consider the persons age, size and strength. After playing for a little while, you will determine what is the best weight for you and throwing style.

The Ultimate Frisbee Golf Disc Choice

The truth is, only you will know what is the ultimate choice for you. After playing a few rounds and getting to know the different plastics and understanding the flight path of the discs and knowing your strength you will find the ultimate Frisbee golf disc that is for you. But always remember to learn something every time you play and always have fun.

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  1. Before reading this article, I was totally unaware of frisbee golf, however, I am now not only aware, but thoroughly interested in the topic. You have made it really simple to follow. The detail you have gone into allows me to really understand the concept. I love the paragraph regarding the flight pattern. The little things count.

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